Sig sauer p365 serial number lookup

New PM! Discussion Poll Photo Album. Is there a "safe date" for P manufacture? Pale Horse. Originally posted by isthatasiginyourpocket: I'm not going to get into a pissing match whether or not this pistol is reliable.

I thought I'd add my experience to help give an overall picture of the performance of the Did your neighbor? Originally posted by dwd My P resides with Sig at the moment as they fix the problem. The trigger is not what I expected, and I prefer the one on my Glock 43, at least so far.

It might be that the trigger will smooth out some the more it is shot. That said, I like the P, particularly the magazine capacity and small size of the pistol. When and if I can get rounds successfully through it, which is the same round count as that of my G43, I will start directly comparing the two to see which I like better.

If it turns out the P gets the nod, I am still going to wait a few more months before carrying it. Perhaps sometime next year, it will become clear whether or not the P will be subject to a recall or upgrade from Sig.

Originally posted by esdunbar: quote:. My Mid March and my early July are now, and always have been, good to go. Is there some reason you are waiting?

Sig Sauer P365 Gen 3 Gen 2 and Gen 1

Originally posted by XLT: If anyone thinks a manufacture is going to get on a forum and admit they had some issues with early production models and open themselves up to a possible law suit, well your dreaming. Originally posted by Cheyenne: quote:. Originally posted by Pale Horse: I will keep watching and hope that things smooth out for Sig and the P When they do I will be looking at buying one myself. I received my P back from SIG.

It had a May build date, but I was on a waiting list at my LGS and only got it about three weeks ago. SIG returned it after exactly two weeks, with a note indicating that they replaced the extractor spring. At this point, I'm cautiously optimistic, as I've now fired rounds with no more failures to extract. Ammo included gr.

WWB and Blazer brass. I finally decided that it wasn't going to improve after two FTEs in the last box of ammo I shot, which was gr Blazer Brass.

sig sauer p365 serial number lookup

A rebel. Originally posted by XLT: I'm not hearing about issues with later builds, only the earlier ones. Originally posted by sns3guppy: It's quite a statistical improbability that if a tiny fraction of the pistols are experiencing these issues, so many of those experiencing the problems are actually here.

What are the odds? It has rounds through it with no issues at all. It did go through the first round of "upgrades" when I sent it in to get the sights replaced.New PM!

Discussion Poll Photo Album. Trying to get history of my P bought used in No rails. Germany also has Exeter NH stamped on left port side Bottom front of frame shows a series of marks Any help would be appreciated. They are various proof marks. The info can be found at the beginning of this thread toward the top.

I have it sorted out now I checked the proofmark website 2 times previously and it was down. It is now back up. Appreciate you help. Hi Uriah Not sure if I am doing this correctly.

Here is the info I gleaned. My P was not on the list. Germany I hope this info is helpful. Originally posted by nyng Hi Uriah Not sure if I am doing this correctly. Coffee cup ambush. Hi Really appreciate your attentiveness.

Yes the letters are KD. Thanks again. One died for your soul; the other for your freedom. Add me to the list. I can add it. Did you compile the info? Not exactly sure of the age, but I'll add another A Sig or two and then some. Can any one help me with my Sig's born date? Sig P in. I'd guess around or so. This message has been edited. Last edited by: dondavis3November 20, PM. Originally posted by dondavis3: Can any one help me with my Sig's born date? Serial AM 38 Police trade in.

Please Wait. Your request is being processed Contact Us SIGforum.I have couple of Sig Sauer pistols but don't know the years they were made. Do you know where I can find out? They will be more than happy to answer this question for you. If you need a user manual ask for one and they will mail you a free copy. If it's a German Sig, there will be a two letter date code, that represents the year of manufacture, stamped on the frame below the muzzle.

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Cuban shares update on Delonte West's recovery. Video of ICE agents stopping Black jogger. Small town in Texas unites for justice for Jonathan Price. Answer Save. Robert H Lv 6. Sig Sauer Serial Numbers. This Site Might Help You. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.While the P is an overall solid design, the problem is Sig has been on a continual mission to cheapen their pistols.

This number should be entered into the first entry field of the form. Find the best Holosun model for you. Sig Sauer photo It seems that the weight of opinion has pushed Sig Sauer to acknowledge there is a problem with the P There was a number of issues reported through the gunverse. This number can be obtained by calling our customer service group It has been this feedback that led Sig Sauer engineers to fine-tune the platform with outstanding results.

In this review, we are going to start at the Be careful buying magazines until you know which version you have. You were wrong, just admit it. The ones with serial numbers of and lower are the "misfit toys.

Domestic consumer serial numbers. View our selection of laser sights and tactical lights for Sig Sauer pistols. It could have cost a however. With this serial number, you can call Sig Sauer customer service and request the date of manufacture of the gun. You know how I knowis there a serial number on the frame, slide, and barrel of those guns pictured?

Referenced product: BXR3 Response date: Our inventory changes constantly but the current inventory was received from Sig roughly six days ago. The P redefined what a concealed-carry pistol should be, now the new P XL is doing it again.

Sig Sauer P Owners Group. For you 9mm fans out there, this is a gun to consider. Not for use on older pistols or those that use the solid FPPP or the 2 piece roll pins. Call us, email us, or tie your note to a pigeon.

With a huge selection of handguns and rifles, Springfield Armory is the premier manufacturer of quality firearms for concealed carry, home defense, hunting and competitive shooting. The famous Sig Sauer P is a crowning achievement in firearms accuracy. Sig Sauer doesn't produce pistols there anymore outside of infrequent P models. They have made additional improvements to the gun, to improve reliability.

Garvey has designed the labeler for both ease-of-use and ergonomic handling with drop-in label construction, self-align label feeding and a quick-snap ink roller.

Folks like the Navy Criminal Investigation Service wanted a gun that was just like the P used by Navy SEAL teams, but more compact so it could be concealed and carried while on the job. Sig Sauer's history dates back to and the Swiss Wagon Factory, but today Sig Sauer is known for exceptional products in the field and in competition.

With some exceptions, most U. Out of stock. If you wanted a big, old-school Sig Sauer but just can't be bothered with some lame old 9mm, that will inexorably lead you to deciding between the P vs P Sig rep said out of 65, only. The serial number will be stamped into the receiver. SKU will automatically populate if your P is on a qualified list of U. Materials like steel afford a little extra durability, and inlaid designs and engravings emblazoned on the side add style to your gun collection.

The current inventory has July dates. Over the last 6 weeks, we have calculated that the number of fractured striker tip returns account for 0.Their firearms are some of the most accurate and reliable weapons available, and are trusted by countless military and law enforcement agencies across the globe. This is intended as a forum for Sig Sauer owners and non-owners to share content and discuss all things Sig.

How do you determine a P's "born on date" Looking to buy one, but want to make sure it's the most updated version. Is it somewhere on the firearm? I want to know if there's a way I can tell when it was manufactured when say, looking at one in a shop or online if either is possible.

I've never owned a sig before, but have had my eyes on the P since its release, holding off partially due to the issues when it came out. They sell fast. Usually the in stock, new ps are within a month of production. Unless the LGS has been hoarding them in the back. That's what I'm hoping If you google Sig P date range you can find the sigtalk thread discussing the serial numbers.

Basically people posted their serial numbers and what date of manufacture it was and if they had any issues with their pistols and it was compiled into a list. It only goes til Sept but seems like the consensus has been anything made after August is considered good to go. The list should give you a decent idea of when one was made based on the serial number range.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. SigSauer submitted 1 year ago by 74orangebeetle. Want to add to the discussion?

Sig sauer p365 serial number lookup

Post a comment! Create an account. They are not sitting on the shelves. That's what I was wondering. I think I'll pick up one then.New PM! Discussion Poll Photo Album. If you have any information to contribute for any SIG models, please post it in this thread. If you wish to have your gun s included please post the information in the format you see it presented in the list, example: -GXX-HHacp-Hawes Serial number, date code, year, if each is present, then any pertinent information like import markings or a description of the pistol.

I've done my best to throw out as much junk as possible, while still keeping relevant information - some of which is quite redundant. If there are two X's instead of the date code, it's because I was never able to confirm what the actual stamp was.

If there are dashes, the pistol was produced without such proof marks. German factory Nickel -U -W. Frame Made In Germany. There is no "Made In Germany" rollmark on the slide.

One of two. There is no "Made In Germany" rollmark on slide. Hogue grip. No box, three nitron-finish 7-rd magazines. Triple numbers, grey plastic case, multi-language manual ADXX-? Sig gray case. Not sure if the previous owner swapped out the possible serial numbered slide with a different non serial numbered one but the gun itself was in new condition and unfired.

Triple serial no AEXX-? These are the original grips, don't know why they have a date later than the date I purchased the gun. Blue box two mags blue cable lock. Just for clarification, as it's often confusing. The one on the left is used only in very early P pistols that have removable bushing inserts in the frame that the screw threads into. The screws in the middle and on the right thread into the This message has been edited.

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sig sauer p365 serial number lookup

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sig sauer p365 serial number lookup

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