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BPM4 Low Pressure Fuel Pump Controller EKP replacement

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. First Prev 4 of 5 Go to page. Apr 19, 1, Jeffman - I've noticed aroudn the same time I started having the low low pressure psi that my gas mileage got worse at least if I'm to believe what the car reports. I'm tuned for max safe power probably at the expense of gas mileage which is intentional. My mileage was always crappy, around Now it's hovering between 13 - 14 mpg. Did you notice the same thing?

Also, over the weekend I got a 2F92 code and reduced engine power which is something new. When I restarted the car the reduced power and check engine light went away but when I scan for codes with Mhd it's still present. Maybe this issue we're facing is indicative of a hpfp on it's way out?

Jeffman said:. Cristy Lurker. Nov 7, 15 Romania. The car runs very good, only get this annoying message. I replaced today my HPFP and have exactly the same errors with fuel pump on my idrive. I made some logs and I'll appreciate if someone could take a look, maybe is something wrong here.

I read on other forums and most of the model have this problem after upgrading to stage 2 lpfp and most of the cases was a easy fix by updating EKP module Is it the same case here?

Cristy said:. No, I didn't replace those sensors The hpfp replaced today is not a new one, it was used before without any errors. So, should I replace those sensors? Thank you for your reply. No one said to replace those sensors but it makes sense. Now, on my log that I attached here, the pumps looks ok? I contacted the guy who sell those upgraded lpf and he says are very common these shaddow codes due to EKP module and have to modify some values with NCS Expert, especially on model I seen this topic and thought maybe someone here is in the same situation and have a fix for this.

Feb 13, 5.

Evolution of Speed N54 BMW EKP Module Upgrade

I got a new ekpm3 module from fcp euro, I Installed and coded and it made zero difference in error code. I replaced hpfp and both fuel sensors and the error went away. Is coding for the virgin EKPM3 vs.Let's face it, the fuel system is the lifeblood of your motor and you should upgrade it with the best technology on the market. The BPM4 is a complete replacement solution for your factory EKP unit, which is design-limited to the factory fuel pump and thus unable to drive high capacity aftermarket fuel pumps without overheating.

This ability to run multiple high-capacity aftermarket pumps while maintaining full DME control over the low pressure closed loop control system that the vehicle was designed with, is something no other solution on the market offers.

Why you need this: BMP4 controller allows you to retain the factory closed loop fuel pressure control loop, while running 1, 2 or 3 high-capacity aftermarket pumps. Other solutions that utilize a Hobbs switch to activate additional fuel pumps actually work against the DME closed loop pressure control system.

When the Hobbs switch activates, the DME is faced with a step increase in line pressure that it reacts to by lowering the output duty of the pump still under its control. The end result of this approach are massive fuel pressure oscillations caused by the DME software frantically attempting to servo the low system fuel pressure towards the target pressure levels.

This intermittent operation reduces its life and reliability. The BPM4 controller is a simple plug and play unit that will solve all of your low pressure fueling needs. The unit comes standard with 40amp fuses but can be upgraded to 50amp depending on your configuration.

This slope can be left at factory EKMP levels or can be adjusted higher or lower depending on the demands of your set-up. With additional optional hardware it is also possible to log LPFP pressure and pump current.

TorqBFM is an invaluable tool for diagnosing the fuel system and validating the DME tune is performing as expected for example, not pulling back commanded duty at peak engine loading. TorqBFM PC software also allows users to manually override the fuel pumps to any desired output duty desire. Thus may be useful for diagnosing mechanical or wiring issues with the LPFP system. Please note that this feature can cause a lot of damage if misused since it will ignore all DME commands.

It should be used only for short tests and only by qualified and experienced users with an in-depth understanding of the LPFP system operation and dangers associated with using or misusing this feature.

Tweet Pin It. Navigation Search. Join Our Mailing List.User Name Remember Me? So I have an E I bought it and started modding it and made it to the Fuel-It stage 2 kit for the E I put the pump in and it would work for a while then completely shut the car down and throw the 29dc code. You'd have to let the car sit for a while or pull the fuel pump fuse to get it to start back up LPFP wouldn't come on and it would just keep cranking So after a bunch of back and forth with Steve great guy, did all he could we came to the conclusion that the probable cause was the EKP module.

With my car working fine with the stock pump I didn't want to get into a guessing game of what the problem was, so I sent the pump back to Steve to test again. The pump was fine so I just asked for a refund and he obliged. No problem And on top of that they all have different part numbers.

Ocean is the guy you want to talk to about this. He just went through a very similar situation. How do I contact him? I have another thread detailing my headaches with engine shutdown while driving. Suspect it was due to the EKM fuel module.

Stage 2 LPFP and EKPM3-DE Module Issues

So kept replacing hem, thinking the pumps were burning out. But the problem became more and more frequent to the point where the car would shut down after min of driving. Had BMW diagnose for 3 weeks, they came up with nothing.

Car has been trouble free ever since. What led me to suspect that the EKP is the source is that it has a heat sink and mounts onto a metal strip attached to the quarter panel. Made me suspect that it was overheating and hence causing the DME to trigger engine and both pumps shutdown due to heat induced malfunction.

The Stage 2 pumps draw a bit more amperage than the stock Bosch pump, so that's my hunch. My car is a and it came with an EKPM2. I replaced it with a newer EKPM3. Checked on Realoem that the part numbers are compatible.The printed part number is: Guaranteed good working condition. This is a used original BMW part. This used unit requires coding by an independent BMW specialist using NCS Expert software for all functions to work in your specific vehicle.

We recommend CodeMyCar. Please note that the pictures are stock photos. Warranty does not cover labor costs. Labor costs will not be reimbursed. If payment is received before 12pm Eastern Time, your part will ship out the same day.

Rarely, large or difficult to package items will take a day or two longer. Local pickup at our garage in Norristown, PA zip code is always welcome. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying. Which side does this part fit? What does the production month mean?

When the fitment information includes a production month this means the part will only fit some of the cars within a given model year, depending on what month the car was manufactured. Some cars begin their production earlier than September, such as the first year production for a new model.

Where do I find my car's production month? The production month for your vehicle can be found on a sticker located on your front driver side door jamb. See the photo below for illustration:. Fitment information provided is for US market spec vehicles only. Still not sure this part will fit your car? Can you help me? If you would like us to verify fitment for your particular car please send us an eBay message with the last 7 digits of your VIN number.User Name Remember Me?

Has anyone else have their EKPS module go bad while running a stage 2 lpfp? I have read some people had wires melting from the heat that was created due to the increase in power demand.

My ekps module just went bad on my n55 and I am wondering if anyone has a fix to make this not happen again? How can an ekps module be weak? Terry BMS. I had one burn out on our i once. Drawing more current from it will probably point out any weakness but it hasn't been a common issue I've come across.

Find all posts by Terry BMS. Ok I see. The dealer ship told me Some of us are experimenting with an added heat sink for it. Not sure it was necessary, but in any case my car has been behaving ever since. What are the symptoms of this module when it is not working properly? I've been to the stealership twice in attempting to find out my misfire issue and they have pretty much stole off me. In my case it shut down the whole engine while driving. Would happen after roughly min of normal driving.

Both pumps and all cylinder shut down. I'd be adrift on the highway with no power! Took me a month to figure out what was happening. Replaced both pumps and had the old ones tested.

Turned out they were fine! Then discovered that the car would restart after letting it sit for 5 min and cool off. Then it would reoccur after a few minutes of driving. Once I replaced the EKP everything was back to normal. I since added a small heat sink to keep it happy. Figured it couldn't hurt. So do these modules need coding? I beleive mine is on its way out and isn't generating the correct voltage.

Got a low miles one on eBay for 50 bucks.

N54 Ekp Module Symptoms

Car: i, 6sp Mt, Fbo with 2. Originally Posted by mojo Originally Posted by Bmwfixerguy. A brand new one out the box needs to be coded or car won't start. I would have it coded because if you buy it used you don't know if it came out of a i.Forums New posts. Garage New media New comments. Resources Latest reviews. Log in Register. New posts. Thread starter Snelson Start date Nov 11, Tags ekp ekpm ekpm3. Forums Engine N54 Troubleshooting. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Snelson Sergeant. Nov 7, Denver. The issues i've seen pop up now that the Stage 2 pumps doesn't seem to affect stage 3 pumps is that the EKP overheats due to the added draw of a Walbro pump.

I did this recently and was told i would need to reprogram the EKP module or the car wont start. I installed mine and it started just fine! LPFP reading used to be 67 and now rests at sometimes. I attached a log as well to show the lean spike and HPFP crash but recovers. Thanks for you help in advance! Oct 18, 8, AZ. Here is the log in Datazap: datazap. Which really sucks because roll racing is the only way i can get traction.

AzNdevil Sergeant. Nov 4, Hong Kong. Coding the EKP module for your car is not hard. Getting everything working together might take sometime if you are not used to it. But my mechanic said his setup can code the EKP module which will happen on Wednesday. Costs me 50 but that lean spike keeps happening ill be out 10k for a new motor haha.

Anyways thanks for the help so far guys! Then find yourself a set of datens and you will be good to go. Nov 3, 56 Orlando.P is a very common code for any ODB2 vehicle. HPFP pump test module:. It is located in the passenger side e-box housing under the microfilter. I can only see and clear codes, i can see many modules but i cannot access anything regarding the engine which would allow me to use the cylinder run rough display etc tells me thst the vanos module has not been initialized.

This is the ultimate modular bracket! This stage 2 kit is great for power goals of whp and under. I installed a bucketless Walbro in line with my stock fuel pump in order to increase my lpfp flow to feed upgraded twin turbos. To find out more about Autologic visit autologic. I hooked up 12volts to the pump and it hums, so I tested the EKP module, I metered 12volts going into the module but only 9. A faulty sensor can decrease the life of the engine and reduce the efficiency of fuel consumption.

Thanks for the support! Fuel supply low. The IVM is a common failure component in your vehicle. System Ident. If there seems to be just a bit of a delay between the time you push on the gas pedal and the time it takes for the car to go, a bad throttle body could be. Discuss performance, specs, reviews and more!. It may also cause the check engine light to come on. Scenario 1.

N54 Wastegate Rattles Symptoms. MAP Sensor should always be well maintained and regularly checked for the accumulation of dust and debris. Inevitably, at some point in a car's life, something will go wrong with it. Date: April Mhd n63 Mhd n Car won't accelerate, lacks power when accelerating, or accelerates itself.

The footwell module FRM is an electrical nodal point in the footwell on the drivers side. I will be using this module in my 07 i. The customer may complain that during the cold start in the morning, the engine runs very roughly and the Service Engine. What are the symptoms related to a bad fuel pump?

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